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History of the Wright Model B Flyer
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In fact, Loyola University wanted me to come play basketball for them. But due to financial hardships, I selected a career in the Air Force to serve this great country and to continue my education and play basketball. As I came to learn, that wasn't God's plan for me. About the same time, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Coach Lomax had learned of my athletic ability from my cousin, John Willis. Through Coach Lomax's persistence, I was offered an athletic scholarship.

Coach Lomax, I thank you for always treating me and believing in me, treating me like a son. And to my cousin, John Willis, I wouldn't be standing here today without you. God bless you, brother. I love you. During my college years, I excelled in both football and basketball, but basketball was still my preferred sport, as I averaged over 20 points a game, 21 rebounds per game. In fact, the Cincinnati Royals tried to sign me my junior year to come and play basketball for them, but I declined that invitation because I needed to stay in school and get my education.

And I did just that. But, again, I found myself traveling yet another road. My senior year, I received a telephone call from a gentleman by the name of Mr.

Gil Brandt of the Dallas Cowboys. He stated that the Cowboys was interested in drafting me.

I asked him, For what? I had my sights set on the NBA. But I realized that potential, playing for the Cowboys, was a God given opportunity, and I couldn't ignore it. I decided to attend the Cowboys training camp which was in July. The Royals camp didn't start till August. That year, , the Dallas Cowboys had rookies in training camp. Gil Brandt was signing everybody that could walk. Only five made the team that year, and I was one of the five. I thank you, Mr.

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Brandt, for giving me the opportunity to play for the Dallas Cowboys. My career started as a tight end. Don Meredith was our quarterback at the time. Recently I asked Don. Besides, we got a young quarterback coming to the team this year, and his name was Roger Staubach , and he don't stay in the pocket. He runs around a lot, and he needs a little bit more protection.

But I was never one to question the authorities of elders. Coach Landry, I believed in his decision, and that was good enough for me. Now, offensive linemen are taught to protect the quarterback the same way that the secret service protects our nation's president. In this case, Roger Staubach was our president.

New WRIGHT UP FRONT by Rayfield Wright Dallas Cowboys Legend AUTOGRAPHED SIGNED

The director of the secret service was our offensive line coach Jim Myers. He built an offensive line that was unmatched. And today I cannot accept this honor without bringing Coach Myers and his offensive line into the Hall with me. Gentlemen, I'm proud to call myself your teammates. I share this enshrinement with you. And to our defense, you were the Doomsday. I'm thankful that I only had to face you guys in practice. I remember Coach Landry once telling me, Rayfield, no matter how many awards or accolades you receive, you will be never greater than the team.

The Dallas Cowboys was a team, and what a team the Cowboys had during the dynamic decade of the '70s. I have 13 years of players and coaches I'd like to acknowledge today. But I've been told that I'm not to go into overtime. We had a lot of shares of playing games in overtime back in the glory days. You can understand the pressure that I face up here right now. But we played together as a team in 12 playoff games, five Super Bowls.

Guys, you know who you are. I know who you are. The Cowboy fans around the country know who you are. I always remember that we were winners, and I treasurer those moments and memories. Fans always ask me who my toughest opponent was, how tough they were, who they were. I played against the best. My body still hurts when I hear their names called.

Rayfield Wright

But I wouldn't be here today without these great players. See more images of the Wright Glider in our Virtual Hangar. McDaniel] The Wright glider was the first aircraft with three-axis control. As with all their gliders, the Wright carefully measured the lift and drag produced by the glider while flying it as a kite. The glider was the first Wright flying machine to have a tail. At first, this was only a fixed vertical stabilizer with twin vanes, unable to move. But the Wrights found this caused them grief when they tried to turn or level the wings. The right wing has dipped on the glider and Orville is attempting to bring the aircraft back to level flight.

He has shifted his hips to the left, warping the wings and turning the rudder at the same time. With a fixed tail, this would have been a potentially dangerous maneuver. Wilbur raises the nose of the glider to stretch his glide by moving the elevator ever-so slightly.

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In , while they were readying their powered Flyer I, the Wrights modified the tail of the glider again, adding a second movable vane to give the rudder more authority. They practiced with this, honing their piloting skills. Carrying the glider us a dune in preparation for a launch.

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Wright Up Front Wright Up Front
Wright Up Front Wright Up Front
Wright Up Front Wright Up Front
Wright Up Front Wright Up Front
Wright Up Front Wright Up Front
Wright Up Front Wright Up Front

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