The Donkey in Winter

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What to feed donkeys

how much should a donkey eat in the winter?

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Also of interest. Please consult your vet should you have any questions or concerns.

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Please see the following site for more detailed information about diet including poisonous and toxic plants to avoid: www. Avoid dusty or mouldy feeds.

Access to an equine salt or mineral lick is advisable avoid mineral licks designed for other types of livestock as they may contain inappropriate mineral levels. Always have clean water available.

Adopt a Blackpool beach donkey for winter scheme launched

Donkeys are particularly at risk of this condition when the grass is lush and growing quickly. Fields which have been previously fertilised may pose a greater threat.

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Laminitis is a serious condition that requires urgent veterinary advice. Limit cereal grain based diets. Overall, donkeys had significantly lower hair weight and hair length than horses, both in winter and in spring. There were large seasonal changes in hair weight and length for both horses and mules, but not for donkeys. All three measures of the insulation properties of the hair samples showed that donkeys do not grow a winter coat.

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This is also the first exploration of the hair properties of mules, and the researchers found the hair coat properties of mules were much closer to those of horses than of donkeys. Studies have shown mules to have hybrid vigour in some traits, be intermediate in others, and be inferior to both parent species in others.

Why are these guys shallow? CRAZY Winter Marsh Donkey ACTION, Kayak Fishing TX

In general, the results here suggest that their hair coat properties are intermediate between their parental species. In spring, there was a significant difference between mules and donkeys, but none between mules and horses nor between donkeys and horses.

In autumn and winter, all types differed significantly. Hair coat properties of donkeys, mules and horses in a temperate climate.

The Donkey in Winter The Donkey in Winter
The Donkey in Winter The Donkey in Winter
The Donkey in Winter The Donkey in Winter
The Donkey in Winter The Donkey in Winter
The Donkey in Winter The Donkey in Winter

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