Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)

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This haunting thriller explores the dynamics of the relationship between the two girls as Finn struggles to come to terms with guilt and remorse. Unfortunately, she is already betrothed to Prince Thandilimon of neighboring Mynaria, where the practice of magic is banned. While some Believers follow instructions for preparing for the Rapture, others, like Vivian Apple 16 and her best friend Harpreet Janda have Rapture Eve parties. Returning home from a party, Vivian finds her parents missing, and two person-sized holes in the roof.

All the Major Constellations by Pratima Cranse Ages 14—up A tragedy just before graduation leaves Andrew without the support of his two best friends the summer before college. This often hilarious first person narrative will engage and amuse male teenaged readers. Her new friend Phoebe is also 13 and also has a mother who vanished. Sal convinces her grandparents to drive to Idaho in search of her mother while telling the story of Phoebe.

Now 16 Stephen is alone in his Manhattan apartment, his father long gone and his mother dead. Then Elizabeth 16 and her family move into the building, having left Minnesota after her younger brother Laurie was badly beaten for being gay. Amazingly Elizabeth can see Stephen. After the Snow by S. Crockett Ages 12—up Willo 15 lives in the barren snow-covered mountains of northern Wales and has never known anything but cold. His father tells stories of warm times before global warming destroyed the North Atlantic Current, dooming the UK and most of the US to a new ice age.

One day Willo returns home to find that his family has been taken away by government men. Setting off in search of his family, Willo discovers two abandoned children. At first tempted not to burden himself with caring for others, Willo finds himself unable to leave them to starve, and takes them with him on the journey to the city he has always avoided.

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Eero Johnson Ages 12—up Frankie Neumann 17 feels like a misfit in his flamboyant family. His theater obsessed sister Lou wears a tutu, and his parents impersonate Frank Sinatra and Dr. When his girlfriend Rory and her cousin ask Frankie to help their mysterious Uncle Epic, an anonymous street artist, with a new project, Frankie eagerly agrees. But his desire to participate in a risky form of art threaten his relationship with his family.

One by Sarah Crossan Ages 13—up Tippi and Grace 16 are conjoined twins, with separate heads, arms, and torsos, but joined from the belly down. Since birth they have happily done everything as a unit, choosing not to chance the dangerous separation surgery.


Previously home-schooled, the twins are now in a private school, where they are befriended by Yasmeen and Jon, two other outcasts who treat the twins as equals. Tippy warns Grace that they can never fall in love, but Grace finds herself attracted to Jon just as the twins learn that a shared illness threatens them both.

Their doctor recommends separation as the only chance for survival, despite the dangers of the surgery. The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan Ages 10—14 Kasienka 12 and her broken-hearted mother leave Poland for England, searching for the father and husband that left them a few years earlier. Bullied at her new school Kasienka is only happy when she is swimming in the pool.

Daedric Artifact

This emotionally powerful novel is written in verse. Light-skinned people can get good jobs working in places like banks while dark-skinned people work in the fields and the mines. Francisco is somewhere in the middle, more interested in playing soccer than school. When his father is arrested on false charges, Francisco and his sister have no choice but to move into the prison with their father.

Francisco realizes that education is the only opportunity to rescue his family from the unjust political system that that targets the uneducated, the poor, and the indigenous majority. Then the first-ever interspecies transfer student arrives. Pyke is a pterodactyl, and has a very powerful effect on the other students. He is asked to join a band, and sends everyone into a frenzy while playing at the Autumn Whirl dance.

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Shiels has only a foggy memory of the dance, but when she wakes up the next morning her nose is purple and she thinks she danced far too long with Pyke and did something crazy with her boyfriend. This very funny book shows that not being in control at all times is sometimes a good thing. He leaves for Flint hoping to find another job, leaving his wife, son Jimmy, and daughter Deza 12 behind. Deza and her mother find a new home and cling to the hope that they will find her father.

Deza makes an appearance as a minor character in Bud, Not Buddy.

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  7. First known as Beetle, since she was found living in a dung heap, the girl struggles to learn the skills of her new profession. As she grows in knowledge and self-confidence, the girl finally respects herself enough to choose a real name: Alyce. Running away from the inn, Will sets out on the open road, trying to outsmart the thieves, tricksters, and con artists, and repeatedly being taken advantage of. Will finally ends up with Master Tidball and his caravan of oddities, befriending Grace, a girl billed as a monster because of the silky hair growing on her face. Elizabethan England comes to vivid life in this lively and amusing tale.

    Cherry Money Baby by John M. Cusick Ages 14—up Cherry Kerrigan is content with her simple life living in a trailer, preparing to marry her sweetheart who lives next door, and working in the Burrito Barn. When she rescues visiting movie star Ardelia Deen from choking, Ardelia is so grateful she presents Cherry with the Alfa Romeo. Cherry is a refreshing down-to-earth heroine in this realistic fiction.

    The Year We Were Famous by Carole Estby Dagg Ages 12—up Clara 17 , who dreads settling down with the boring young farmer who wants to marry her, is convinced by her mother to take a 4, mile walk to save their farm from foreclosure. So they start the Flirt Club, an after school support group for friends who share their affliction. Told through notes, journal entries, and minutes from the Flirt Club, this funny and endearing story is a refreshing change from the mean girl middle school storyline.

    Danforth Ages 14—up Cameron Post is just beginning to come to terms with the realization that she might be a lesbian when her parents suddenly die in a car accident.

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    8. Cameron is sent to live with her conservative Aunt Ruth in rural Montana and Cam tries to keep a low profile and fit in. Then Coley Taylor moves to town and the two girls form an intense friendship. This funny and heart-breaking coming of age story is beautifully written. The twins are trying to deal with the recent separation of their parents, when the SUV carrying the whole family is in a terrible accident. Giselle is the only surviver, though in a coma.

      Her Aunt Leslie calls her Isabelle, and Giselle is unable to respond and correct the error.

      Books by Frank Wells (Author of Diaries of Private Frank Morris Wells)

      The Awesome by Eva Darrows Ages 15—up Maggie Cunningham 17 has been raised by her monster-hunting single mother to be skilled in the art of combat, but not so good at social relationships. Maggie has successfully battled ghosts and goblins, but finding herself a boyfriend may just be a task beyond her skills. Trying to fit in with normal girls, Maggie discovers that cleaning a gun blindfolded is not a valued attribute, but she is unprepared for long conversations about shoes.

      Dingo by Charles De Lint Ages 12—up Incorporating Australian folklore, this fantasy tells the tale of Michael Schreiber who discovers that his new girlfriend is something other than human. A mixture of darkness and hope, humor and mystery, and the friendship within love. Titanic Sinks! Fictional characters supplement the recollections of actual survivors, presented in the pages of a fictional magazine.

      Period photographs add to the dramatic effect. Safiya is a Truthwitch, able to distinguish truth from lies, and Iseult, is a Threadwitch, able to see the invisible ties that connect the people around her. Safiya is born to the nobility while Iseult comes from the despised outcasts. Safiya hides her gift, aware that if revealed she would be pressed into service by those seeking power. The two become friends, Threadsisters bound by their shared experiences.

      Prince Merik, a Windwitch, joins forces with the Threadsisters, determined to fight for freedom against those who would do just about anything to capture a Truthwitch. This exciting novel is the first in the Witchlands series. Her only joy was the picture of a ballerina en pointe on a wall.

      Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)
      Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)
      Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)
      Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)
      Secrets of Untold Lore (The Artifact of the Horn of a Unicorn Book 1)

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