Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway

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Using updated and archival material from Discover Ontario, a popular radio show that ran from until , author Terry Boyle invites you to explore the hidden, unusual, and unknown sites and stories from around Ontario. Revisit an era of mobsters and rum-runners during the years of prohibition. The history of the area even includes early references to the island having once been the land of the Chinese.

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Simon Fraser, chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat, raised the 78th Highlanders, a regiment that played a major role in defeating the French on the Plains of Abraham. A guided tour of historic Unionville, a little Ontario village bursting with historic buildings full of stories. Unionville is a village in the city — an unexpected oasis where time seems to move a little more slowly than in the hectic world of condos, commercial strips, and traffic gridlock. The story of steamboating in the Canadian West comes to life in the voices of those aboard the vessels of the waterways of the Prairies.

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Their captains were seafaring skippers who had migrated inland. Their pilots were indigenous people who could read the shoals, sandbars, and currents of Prairie waterways. Their passengers were fur traders, adventure-seekers, and immigrants opening up the West. In the summer of , Sir William Johnson Superintendent of Indian Affairs and over two thousand chiefs representing twenty-four First Nations met on the shores of the Niagara River to negotiate the Treaty of Niagara — an agreement between the British Crown and the Indigenous peoples.

This treaty, symbolized by the Covenant Chain Wampum, is seen by many Indigenous peoples as the birth of modern Canada, despite the fact that it has been mostly ignored by successive Canadian governments since. The Queen at the Council Fire is the first book Now its route lies hidden and forgotten under sidewalks and farmland, though its influence can still be seen. Retracing the ancient portage from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe, Glenn Turner reveals the dramatic events and extraordinary characters that mar Heritage Toronto Book Award — Shortlisted, Non-Fiction Book The story of Sunnybrook is one of perseverance by many dogged pioneers, rebelling and innovating to keep the organization alive.

The story of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is one of battle and rebellion in the pursuit of excellence. With the perseverance of many innovators, Sunnybrook endured many battles, forging new directions and becoming stronger and greater. After the referendum in , Pierre Elliott Trudeau turned his sights on repatriating the Constitution in an effort to make Canada fully independent from Britain.

What should have been a simple process snowballed into a complicated intrigue. Quebec, which thought its prerogatives would be threatened if the Constitution were repatriated, mounted a charm offensive, replete with fine dining and expensive wines in or Co-founded by Sir John A. Ottawa Book Award — Shortlisted Between and a great storm blew through Canada and raised the expectations of a new world in which all things would be possible. The years after World War I were among the most tumultuous in Canadian history: a period of unremitting change, drama, and conflict.

But it had cost Canada sixty thousand dead and many more wounded, and it had widened the many You will read about combat training for the ill In the end, such caution was ignored by overeager boosters. The story in Hards A true story of a bank robber and a chilling car chase worthy of an Elmore Leonard novel or a Brian De Palma movie.

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Like many new arrivals to Canada, Hermann Beier came to this country with big dreams — visions of a wide-open country where hard work and entrepreneurial flair would make him rich. A charismatic handyman, martial arts teacher, and small business owner, he charmed women and earned the respect of men. He was loved in his community of Alliston, Ontario, and had a plan to make a million bucks. But when those dreams soured, Beier turne In tracing its documented history from the s to the s, author Grant Karcich unravels mysteries; explores the lifestyles of early First Nations; provides background on local archaeological sites; and introduces the intrepid early surveyors, Sixty people died in , leaving behind their stories and the tales of those involved.

In , the Desjardins Canal bridge collapsed under a Toronto-to-Hamilton train, creating one of the worst railway wrecks in North American history. Sixty lives, including that of the main contractor, were lost. The story of how the Great Western Railway was conceived, where it was located, and how it was constructed is replete with high irony covering political intrigue, commercial skullduggery, and bold entrepreneurship.

Woven into the tragic events of t Marjorie Arnison was one of the thousands of children removed from their families, communities, and country and placed in a British colony or commonwealth to provide "white stock" and cheap labour. It took many yea The essence of a vibrant, growing, and changing Calgary is captured over the life of its development. Calgary is a typical boom-and-bust town that was first based on ranching and farming, then oil and gas, and now energy. And energy is what its citizens have, whether for skiing, work, or construction. It is a city that leaps ahead eagerly to new futures and rarely looks back.

Unbuilt Calgary is a survey of 30 projects that were proposed but not A view of the War of from a social perspective.

Scugog Carrying Place

There was a wealth of military screw-ups. What did the generals do before each battle to lose it, and what could they have done to win? And did the incompetence and mixed Justices of the peace, constables, and game wardens from the late 19th century are brought to vivid life interacting with a variety of accused citizens. Rare views of human lives in turmoil are revealed in several hundred trials conducted in s Muskoka by Magistrate James Boyer of Bracebridge. While dispensing speedy justice, Boyer, who was also town clerk and editor of the North Within the pages of the stories he immortalized Orillia, Ontario, and its citizens.

This tract of land in Niagara-on-the-Lake has witnessed an amazing cavalcade of Canadian history. For years a large tract of oak savannah at the mouth of the Niagara River designated as a Military Reserve has witnessed a rich military and political history: the site of the first parliament of Upper Canada; a battleground during the War of ; and annual summer militia camps and the training camp for tens of thousands of men and women during the First and Second World Wars. In the midst of the Reserve stood the symbolic Indian Council Hous An examination of Upper Canadian life at the dawn of a modern nation.

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst explores the web of human relationships that developed in Upper Canada following the American Revolution, in the years leading up to the War of , and during the conflict that raged for two years between the young United States and Britain, its former master. The book focuses on the families, homes, gardens, farms, roads, villages, towns, shops, and fabric of everyday life in this frontier society.

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Upper Canada was a land in tran Scugog Carrying Place is a must read for history buffs, genealogists, archaeologists, and anyone with roots in this part of Ontario. Grant Karcich. Early Description. Iroquois and Mississauga on the Trail.

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For example, those named for local residents, or national and international figures, who were well-known in the past but may be unknown to most people today. Benson, Anson, Chamberlain, Douro, and Wellington are examples. Admission is free but donations are welcomed at the door. For the last three years, we have been remembering a series of th anniversaries marking events from The War of between the British and the Americans on the Great Lakes frontier. However, little attention has been given to the single most important outcome of that struggle - years of peace between what would become Canada and our neighbours to the south.

Of all the anniversaries, this is probably the one most worthy of celebration. As guest speaker at the monthly public meeting of the Peterborough Historical Society on Tuesday April 21, historian Walter Lewis will explore the lasting impact of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on Christmas Eve , in which Great Britain and the United States agreed to a peace treaty to officially end the War of Over the next few years, that treaty and the agreements that followed helped shape the world for the next generation of settlers.

In his presentation, Lewis will look at how the peace unfolded and how it affected Upper Canada. Lewis has conducted extensive research on the Great Lakes. This painting courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute shows British and American diplomats after signing the Treaty of Ghent to end the War of Retired Canadian Senator and renowned children's advocate Landon Pearson will be the keynote speaker following dinner.

A special focus of LPC is the promotion of the rights of Aboriginal children and youth. Her remarks will focus on her insights into the challenges facing Aboriginal youth in today's society and the impact of traditional oral history on their lives and sense of identity. Michael Peterman will share his research into the life of pioneer writer Susanna Moodie at the Peterborough Historical Society's public lecture on February 24th.

His latest book entitled Flora Lyndsay:Or Passages from an Eventful Life is an insightful examination of Susanna Moodie's novel Flora Lyndsay, which was written in part prior to her better known book Roughing it in the Bush but published after it in Although she fictionalizes herself as Flora Lyndsay, her book is autobiographical and provides a dramatic account of the planning and ocean voyage that brought the Moodies from England to Canada in the summer of As a Trent professor emeritus in English literature, Dr.

Peterman is a prolific author and editor with a particular interest in 19th and 20th century Canadian authors. He has devoted significant study to Susanna Moodie and her sister Catharine Parr Traill , who both wrote about their experiences in the backwoods of Ontario in the s.

Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway
Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway Scugog Carrying Place: A Frontier Pathway

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