Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)

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Brno: Masarykova univerzita. Geschichten, die Kinder stark machen. Research on the Basis of InterCorp. Konzeptualisierung der Emotion Angst in deutschen und tschechischen Phraseologismen. Angst in der Kinderliteratur. Das Bild von Mann und Frau in der deutschen und tschechischen Phraseologie. Darstellung von Emotionen im Zusammenhang mit der Sprechhaltung in deutschen und tschechischen Leserbriefen. Verbale Phraseme im deutsch-tschechischen Vergleich. Sprachwissenschaftliche Metalexikographie. Vertextungsstrategien in deutschen und tschechischen Leserbriefen. Konzeptualisierung von Emotionen in deutschen und tschechischen Phraseologismen.

Scham in der deutschen und tschechischen Phraseologie na konferenci Phraseologie und Kultur. Angst in der Jugendliteratur. Each volume is devoted to a specific topic, and provides ample consideration of recent empirical findings and theoretical perspectives, both in a national and in an international context.

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Gleichzeitig ist eine in anderen Bereichen weniger gewohnte Verbindung von wissenschaftlichen, didaktischen und bildungspraktischen Fragen zu beobachten. Sprachdiagnostik oder Schreiben in der Zweitsprache in ihrer Breite darstellen.

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Bezug genommen wird auf Theorien und empirische Forschungsergebnisse auf dem neuesten nationalen wie internationalen Forschungsstand. They also explore the day-to-day life of seaman, and discuss forms of remembrance. In he was considered the eminence grise of the Supreme Army Command. His records, previously hidden in Moscow, open new insights for world war researchers on the themes of the secret service, press policies, and the major figures at the Supreme Headquarters.

Michael Epkenhans, Zentrum f.

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In , a key topic was the removal of mediumrange nuclear missiles from Europe, as had been agreed in the INF Treaty. West Germany; foreign policy; edition. In , the West German government continued its efforts to reform tax policy and the penal code as well as marital and family law. Despite the strains in international relations at the start of the Kohl administration, the discussions between East and West Germany did not come to a standstill. A growing number of East German citizens sought to secure emigration papers through the permanent mission and the Prague embassy.

The unexpected immigration wave from the former Soviet Union has stabilized and enlarged Jewish life in Germany up from the ies. No doubt: Jews will continue to live in Germany. But what does it mean to live a Jewish life in present Germany? How is it reflected in culture? Who are the new Jewish elites, and how successful is the fight against old and new forms of anti-Semitism?

Collection, English, 2nd quarter Given what we know about Nazi crimes of violence, it is hard for us to imagine encounters between Jews and non-Jews after Yet many connections developed between Holocaust survivors, refugees, hangers-on, observers, and profiteers. The volume examines relationships in civil society between Jewish and non-Jewish Germans from a historical and cultural historical perspective.

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German-Jewish relations; post-war Germany. Despite the fact that the SS as an organization was responsible for the very worst of the Nazi crimes, most of its members were able to quietly integrate into West German society without any impediments. Beyond the confines of their integration, however, there were recurrent public debates and controversies. West Germany; dealing with SS criminals. Were Erich Honecker and Yasser Arafat a real-life example of male friendship? Or was the reality quite different? Almost 30 years after the demise of the GDR, this study is the first comprehensive national and international academic examination of East German—Palestinian relations.

Based on German Foreign Office records, Tim Szatkowski shows the interests pursued by the German federal government in its policy toward Turkey between and The study reveals that after the military coup in Ankara, Germany could not reconcile Realpolitik and human rights, and this resulted in major strains in German-Turkish relations due to policies regarding asylum and foreigners.

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German-Turkish relations; asylum policy; human. The history of Germany since is, among other things, a history of migration and integration, as illustrated by the flight and expulsion of populations following the Second World War, the mass desertion of East Germans to the West, the construction of the Berlin Wall in , the importation of guest workers, and the arrival of war refugees in the s. Historians and legal scholars outline this often-neglected history. With its accession to membership of the United Nations in the early s, the Federal Republic of Germany found new scope for its foreign policy, and it was at a time when the global North-South divide became a focus point of international politics.

The current yearbook deals with West Germany during a time of Cold War confrontation, issues of human rights and threat from radical Islam. In , Soviet Premier Khrushchev triggered the Berlin crisis. The three Western Allies and West Germany sought to contain the crisis without having to play the nuclear card.

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Based on the documentary record released only a few years go by the Four Powers, Harald van Neus analyzes the history of this secret organization, which remained active until The Cold War and German partition had global implications: among other things, they strongly shaped relations between West Germany and Indonesia during the s and 60s. The years of crisis under President Sukarno placed great demands on West German foreign policy. Harald van Nes, Freiburg i. Agnes Bresselau v. Bressensdorf, Elke Seefried, Inst. Yearbook, English, 4th quarter This volume is the first handbook of regional history, which does not take on a specific regional focus but instead, explores over-arching connections and features of the discipline.

It presents the history of the discipline, spatial concepts, areas of intellectual interest, forms of access, and thematic fields all with references to specific historical regions and shows the commonalities between individual regional histories. For many centuries Jews and Germans were economically and culturally of significant importance in Eastern Europe.

Both groups had a similar background of origin and spoke related languages: German and Yiddish. This volume aims to explore the entanglements and interdependences of Jews and Germans in Eastern Europe from the late middle ages to the 20th century. Moreover, the perception of Jews as Germans in this region is discussed in detail. In addition to discussing historical events, the volume discusses the transmission of Reform ideology in word and text, art and architecture, and the ongoing impact of this cultural heritage up to the present day.

Joachim Bahlcke, Univ. Kultur u. The new edition of this handbook addresses the vast increase in research findings and fills earlier gaps with new information and revised insights. It has a broad focus, considering everything from research programs and institutions to biographies, newspapers, and important individuals.

In , Leipzig was the scene of the largest battle ever fought to date, and years later, a great monument was erected to mark its centennial. Over time, the trans-European and global implications of the battle generated vastly different perspectives and assessments. In this volume, renowned historians examine the course, consequences, and significance of the Battle of Leipzig and its reverberations across years.

Military history; commemorative history; wars of liberation; nationalist movements; Napoleon. Twentieth-century health exhibitions served as venues for public health education and were meeting places for a host of persons involved with the health of the German population. It makes a substantive contribution to the history of popular science and to the history of the body.

Does it involve an association between citizens as equals, a community of descent, or an underprivileged minority? This study analyses how the rules and regulations that governed employment dismissal, promotion and remuneration of bureaucrats in the Grand-Duchy of Baden during the first half of the 19th century brought these features about. In doing so, the study builds on an extensive set of archival materials.

Beihefte 23 Approx. In four volumes, the authors on the Historic Commission at the Federal Ministry of Economics investigate continuities and breaks in German economic policy from to Historic Commission; Economic history; Ministry of Economics. Band 1: XII, Seiten. Band 2: XII, Seiten. How should we understand Hitler as a factor in the history of the Third Reich?

Featuring critical commentary by experts from the English-speaking world, this volume presents the latest in German research on Hitler. In , the Nazi regime stood at the apex of its military power, ruling nearly the entire European continent. The fruits of their plunder flowed into the German war chest and enabled Hitler to wage his war.

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Politician, parliamentarian, and journalist Kuno von Westarp — was a key figure in political conservatism from the Wilhelmine era to the National Socialist period. Volume 2 of the four-volume work contains nearly documents from German and Russian archives, most of them previously unpublished. It covers political, economic, military, cultural, and scientific issues. Series Quellen und Darstellungen zur Zeitgeschichte pp.

ISBN The author draws on reports by contemporaries to vividly portray day-to-day wartime life for soldiers from Poland, their familial and political backgrounds, and the kinds of rejection they experienced. This study paints a comprehensive picture of military justice in the Ersatzheer, or replacement army of the Wehrmacht, which had various homefront tasks. The author analyzes the operation of Ersatzheer military courts during the Second World War. National Socialism; judges; military history; legal history; Second World War.

Yet the extent to which Hitler was inspired by Mussolini is often neglected. Hitler and Mussolini remained political friends until the very end. This book sheds new light on this unique relationship. Monograph, German, 3rd quarter Hirschfeld was a pioneer in the field of sexology, and opened the first Institute of Sexology in Berlin after the First World War. Persecution of the Jews; sexology; history of medicine; gay liberation; biography. The first volume of the yearbook is devoted to a central theme of contemporary history.

Steinweis, Univ.

Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition) Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)
Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition) Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)
Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition) Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)
Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition) Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)
Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition) Phraseologismen im Sprachvergleich (German Edition)

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