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For the more modern black tie masked ball, anything goes — from a simple Zorro style eye mask for men to the most elaborate, outrageous or glamorous masks you can find. Handheld Mask or a Mask with ribbons?


The benefit of a mask with ribbons? What Mask Colour should I pick? You can even search by colour here. What size Mask should I choose? Men : there are usually 3 types of masks i.

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Full face masks are great for totally disguising your identity — but not so great at events where you have to eat and drink! Half Face Masks — these might or might not cover the nose, but generally allow you to eat and drink easily and are a classic Venetian shape. Eye masks — usually suits most men and are generally easy and lightweight to wear. Women : If you have a smaller or slimmer face, then try to go for a petite mask.

The heightened sensations evoked by the wildness of the music makes this the perfect opening number at your party. Creepy with a hint of fantasy.

Instead, it is more subtle in its creeping as it slowly builds its way into your mind and your heart. This original music by Derek Fletcher is more upbeat than the first two we've chosen. It speaks more of mystery and romance, a chance meeting between two strangers who made an instant connection without knowing who they each are. Forbidden lovers, perhaps?

The Alarm, Modern English, and Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel

Playing this song at your party can get the fun started. If you're hosting your masquerade party on Halloween, this is the perfect background music. Can you just imagine aristocratic vampires waltzing around a ballroom to this music?

The haunting music is telling you to tread carefully but also lures you to come closer. Just the kind of music you need to get your guests through the door. This reminds us more of spooks, ghosts from old Venice dancing around a ballroom Hauntingly beautiful music that will set the mood as you tell your guests to explore the rooms of your mansion at their leisure. Peter Gundry's composition will give your guests goosebumps. It brings vampires dressed to the nines to mind, waltzing around while you watch from a balcony, not knowing that they're simply luring you closer and closer as they spin faster and faster.

Until you find yourself in the middle of the ballroom and the music goes silent.

Step 1: Background

Like we said, creepy. But extremely apt for a Halloween masquerade, don't you think? If you want a bit of "Eyes Wide Shut" to color your party's atmosphere, then you might be interested in playing this little ditty from Dmitri Shostakovich. The Music of the Night: If you have the means, hire a string quartet for the evening.

Six Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Masquerade Ball - Living Magazine

Enhance the Revelry: Masquerade balls automatically create an air of mystery and secrecy, so consider playing a murder mystery game where guests role play and have to figure out who the killer is. Other ideas include engaging in a rousing game of charades or clearing a space for a ballroom floor where everyone can learn the waltz.

You could also tell everyone ahead of time to try to remain anonymous so guests will be guessing who is who until the big reveal at midnight where everyone must unmask themselves. Decorations: www.

Masks: www. DIY Masks: Instructions and templates abound online for how to make your own mask. Supplies include scissors, card stock or a plain white mask , glue, feathers, sequins, paint and a dowel for your handle. Another idea is to paint a mask onto your face using airbrush paint or make-up.

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YouTube has great examples on this. Get Creative: Do a spin on the classic masquerade ball and opt for a different theme such as all black and white, angels and demons, fairy tales or superheroes and villains. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Curves House Where a frequent traveler rests up before the next excursion. Why Wallpaper? Why Now? Homestead Six Tips for Hosting an Where to Buy Invitations: www.

Modern Masquerade Modern Masquerade
Modern Masquerade Modern Masquerade
Modern Masquerade Modern Masquerade
Modern Masquerade Modern Masquerade
Modern Masquerade Modern Masquerade

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