Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)

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During this period the spirit can see the light, which she explained would gradually decrease in size until it closes for good. This does not, however, mean the spirit is trapped forever on the physical plane. According to Mary Ann, if the spirit visits another person's memorial service, that spirit can enter the light it finds there. She also claims to be able to summon a white light that spirits can use to move on -- a skill her grandmother taught her when she was a girl. She said the man's spirit asked her to call his partner and give him the location of his body.

Mary Ann also recounted the time she found a large spirit snake in a woman's closet, as well as provided tips for people who want to communicate with spirits in dreams. Masaru Emoto and his English interpreter joined George in the L. Emoto's surprising theories about water. According to Emoto, water is 'alive' and can be affected by positive and negative energy vibrations. Good words and music cause water molecules to assemble into hexagonal-shaped crystals, Emoto explained, while bad vibrations cause water to form ugly, mal-formed shapes.

Emoto also noted that there is a discernable difference in taste between good and bad water: good water has a sweet flavor, bad water is bitter. Medicine hunter Chris Kilham talked about his travels researching plants. Followed by Dougall Fraser who reads auras and practices color therapy. Log In Forgot Password? -

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Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr. Hello It's Me Todd Rundgren. Inca Dance Cusco. Only Time Enya.


Peaches En Regalia Frank Zappa. Protection Massive Attack. Realizing that her in-progress manicure is the former, Bregoli jumps up, her irritation finally bubbling over. We need to go somewhere more hood! The only other patron in the salon, aside from the six of us, is an older West Indian woman whose feet are submerged in a pedicure bath.

Ariana seems to grow a foot taller in the moment. Everyone is shouting except Bregoli. The rest of us duck outside as Ariana throws down her credit card. Immediately, Bregoli proceeds to violently rip off her raw plastic tips. Her nail beds begin to bleed profusely. Bregoli debuted in the public eye in a September episode of Dr. Phil , alongside her apparently distraught mother Barbara.

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Bregoli returned to Dr. Phil a few months later for a stint at Turn-About Ranch, where she was entrusted with the care of a little horse named Chief. The footage shows Bregoli bonding with Chief and sweetly embracing her cowboy mentors. Has a Dr.

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Phil episode gone viral this side of —or ever, really? After all, it was —the year streaming data officially turned the Billboard charts into a teen-driven free-for-all, and the year we seemed to collectively decide we liked memes more than music. And though most of the media coverage was snarky, accompanied by the expected State Of The Industry hand-wringing, the power dynamic was obvious: the blogs needed the hate-clicks more than Bregoli needed the blogs.

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But not once during our day in Brooklyn were those three words uttered. Post-fame Bregoli does pretty much the same stuff pre-fame Bregoli did—namely, listen to rap and get her nails done. Her mood brightens as soon as her acrylics are underway, and Dan runs to a bodega to fetch her yet another confusing meal—a bagel with cream cheese and bacon, an unspeakably off-putting combination. The proof was all over YouTube, in an endless ouroboros of reaction videos—and reactions to reaction videos, and reactions to reactions to reaction videos.

Not that this is saying much: at the time of our interview, there were a whopping three Bhad Bhabie songs in existence, aside from a handful of unofficial remixes. I have long tried to parse the grim world of the YouTube celebrity, a futile endeavor that generally leaves me feeling approximately 3, years old and ready to move to a cave.

As a rapper, Bregoli is capable in a recent Complex interview with Peter Rosenberg, she rates her own music a very fair seven out of ten ; as a YouTube comic, she is a star. For many artists these days, the content helps sell the music; with Bregoli, it seems to be the opposite. No one even reads blogs anymore! You have the ability. And then [Atlantic] was like, we wanna sign you. And I was like, okay!

Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash) Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)

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