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PreK Kindergarten. Basic Operations Measurement Numbers. Geography Other Social Studies - History. Top Resource Types. Science Flip Books Apples. By Science School Yard. Learning about birds can be so much fun!

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To see how bird beaks are different in order to survive is a great learning tool for all students. Students use the 7 stations to understand adaptations and survival as they become your little birds finding. Science, Spring, Engineering. Kindergarten, 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , Homeschool.

Texas Instruments and United Way host ‘STEM in the Schoolyard’

Hoping this pack is for your little engineers! Many grade levels enjoy these hands on activities that are just in time for the holidays! Four STEM challenges are included and can be completed as stations, center time extension work,. Animals and plants have characteristics that help them survive. Science, Other Science , General Science. Activities, Fun Stuff, Science Centers. Simple Machines Unit Building an Arcade. This simple machines pack is not the same as the others It combines the typical unit, but with a twist.

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This unit includes: a simple machines unit packet. This pack is a great way to teach climate and weather. Two concepts that can seem difficult This pack includes: -the lesson plan and set up -the. Now with five This pack includes. Oobleck: A Science Book Connection. What a great activity for exploration in liquids and solids Maybe your trying to find a science connection as you study one of your favorite Read Across America Books?

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Here is a great pack that will allow you to add. Activities, Minilessons, Science Centers. The Book How to Catch an Elf Learners LOVE connecting to characters of a story to an interactive activity and educators love when they can teach a cross curricular lesson. Love Elf On A Shelf Kindergarten, 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , Homeschool. This pack is a great way to start or end a school year or anywhere in between! This is a great way to get both boys and girls excited about building and designing!

Texas Instruments and United Way host ‘STEM in the Schoolyard’

This pack includes: -video links -5 Rube Goldberg activity ideas and record. Science, Engineering. Activities, Cooperative Learning, Science Centers. Using STEM activities will allow your students a hands on way to learn these concepts without having to "force" them to create, test, and record. The five STEM. The differentiated sheets allow for multiple grade levels to participate in each of these stations Science, Easter, Engineering.

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Worm Science Stations. Worm your way into a fun Science Station Unit! We have used worms in our science classrooms in all grades, but I always had a hard time finding activities for my younger students. We all got the chance to put on our best Christmas hats and to have a run outside. The older children each partnered up with a younger child and helped them to run a lap around the school grounds.

The older children then got a chance to run one or two extra laps themselves. It was a great way to start the day before the arrival of the main attraction - Santa Claus! Activity Breaks Every classroom has taken on the idea of a ten minute activity break during the school day. Every class has been given a Bizzy Breaks poster and C.

School Yard Campouts - Texas Children in Nature

Some classes enjoying using GoNoodle on the interactive whiteboard to help improve their dance moves. Active Lines This is a fun way to get children moving while standing in line after breaks. Even the teachers and S. Active Homework Children were asked to do ten minutes activity each evening as part of their homework for two weeks. Every child received a pocket planner to help them record the amount of time they spent being active each evening.

The children could do whatever they wanted as long as they were being active. They got involved in a variety of activities including walking to school, walking the dog, cycling, dancing to music, playing outside with family or friends, going football or soccer training, swimming, doing exercises inside etc. Active Archie We had a new addition to the school community during the school year. He enjoyed himself so much with the children he decided to stay with us.

Active Archie loves getting involved in all types of activities and the children were delighted to take turns to bring him home each evening and be active with him. He carries a diary with him so the children can write in all the fun things that Active Archie has been doing. Playground Leaders 5th Class boys have taken on the role of being playground leaders.

They teach the younger children different playground games and both young and old enjoy the opportunity to play with each other.


Football Training with Mr. Each Monday evening weather permitting he trains the pupils from 4th — 6th class. We begin each session by warming up, Mr Tevenan gives us the responsibility of warming up, this helps us to develop a strong team bond and to take responsibility for our training. We then begin drills, we practise skills e. Mr Tevenan explains in detail how each skill is to be performed, he shows us how to do it correctly, he explains why the skill is important, we practise the skill and then Mr Tevenan gives us feedback.

Playground Overview

We then play a game to practise the skills in a game scenario. After the match, we cool down, during this time we talk about the training session — what worked well, what skills we have learned and what we would do differently if we were to start again. We love when the weather is good as we get to train. There is hopscotch, number jigsaw, coloured shapes and a snake for children to play running and jumping games.

Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard
Fun in the School Yard Fun in the School Yard

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