Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)

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Script Notes Director Alan J. Pakula rented out a bar and hired an Irish band for the cast and crew every week. Paul Ronan Sean came up with the idea to spray each other. Pitt also watched the Irish movie In the Name of the Father as a reference. Trivia Notes According to a recent poll, the freezer is the most popular place to stash money at home. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports AMC's full episode service and you must have AMC as part of your cable package. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?

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Your existing password has not been changed. You must verify your account in order to post comments. Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. Both Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford are very good at pool. Her dad was a police officer. Margaret Colin was in Independence Day the year before this. Harrison Ford played the president in his next movie, Air Force One Treat Williams Billy Burke had his breakout role in the musical Hair More than 3, people were killed during the Troubles.

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Dowsett Michele Dotrice Valerie Creek Gwen Ffrangcon Davies Bob Curd Leonard Rossiter Wallis Martin Stephens Ronnie Dowsett Carmel McSharry Dowsett Viola Keats Curd Shelagh Fraser Creek Bryan Marshall Edit Storyline An English school missionary assigned in an African village has a run in with the local witch doctor and suffers a nervous breakdown.

Genres: Horror. Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: 90 min. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Trivia In a later magazine interview, Nigel Kneale said that he was dissatisfied with the way the film had turned out. Personally, he found modern black magic practitioners to be fairly risible and he had intended to poke fun at the idea of an English coven. His blackly comic touches were removed by the production team, who wanted the film to be entirely serious.

Conceding the film to be well-cast, he felt the ending lacked the necessary menace needed to avoid the unintentional-but-inherent silliness of the situation. Goofs [ All goofs for this title are spoilers. Quotes Gwen Mayfield : Look at this! Stuck full of pins and it's head missing. What do you think it could possible be?

Stephanie Bax : Witchcraft? Somebody having a little dabble? Yes, I would think so.

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Or did you think I was going to say, no no no, it can't happen here? I bet there are lots of remote spots where remnants of witchcraft are still practiced. Places like Heddaby, in fact. I've often wondered. Gwen Mayfield : Well, what are we going to do? Stephanie Bax : Do? Gwen Mayfield : Well, I'd like to start by removing those pins. Stephanie Bax : Yes, we could- Oh, no! Emphatically not! User Reviews Witch me a skin for dancing in Was this review helpful to you?

Witch Season: Summer & Fall

Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Gwen Mayfield. Stephanie Bax. Linda Rigg as Ingrid Brett. For the first nine years the number was not one quarter so great; but towards the years to , the number must have been more than four hundred. The case last cited was one of an extraordinary character.

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The general aspect of the trials will be better seen from that of Isabel Gowdie, which, as it would be both wearisome and disgusting to go through them all, is cited as a fair specimen, although it took place at a date somewhat later than the reign of James. This woman, wearied of her life by the persecutions of her neighbours, voluntarily gave herself up to justice, and made a confession, embodying the whole witch-creed of the period.

She was undoubtedly a monomaniac of the most extraordinary kind. She said that she deserved to be stretched upon an iron rack, and that her crimes could never be atoned for, even if she were to be drawn asunder by wild horses. She named a long list of her associates, including nearly fifty women and a few warlocks. They dug up the graves of unchristened infants, whose limbs were serviceable in their enchantments. When they wanted to destroy the crops of an enemy, they yoked toads to his plough, and on the following night Satan himself ploughed the land with his team, and blasted it for the season.

The witches had power to assume almost any shape; but they generally chose either that of a cat or a hare, oftenest the latter. Isabel said, that on one occasion, when she was in this disguise, she was sore pressed by a pack of hounds, and had a very narrow escape with her life. She reached her own door at last, feeling the hot breath of the pursuing dogs at her haunches.

She managed, however, to hide herself behind a chest, and got time to pronounce the magic words that could alone restore her to her proper shape. They were :—. If witches, when in this shape, were bitten by the dogs, they always retained the marks in their human form; but she had never heard that any witch had been bitten to death.

When the devil appointed any general meeting of the witches, the custom was that they should proceed through the air mounted on broomsticks, or on corn or bean-straws, pronouncing as they went:—. They generally left behind them a broom, or a three-legged stool, which, when placed in their beds and duly charmed, assumed the human shape till their return. This was done that the neighhours might not know when they were absent.

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She added, that the devil furnished his favourite witches with servant imps to attend upon them. Satan never called the witches by the names they had received at baptism; neither were they allowed, in his presence, so to designate each other. Such a breach of the infernal etiquette assuredly drew down his most severe displeasure. Upon this confession many persons were executed. So strong was the popular feeling, that no one once accused of witchcraft was acquitted; at least, acquittals did not average one in a hundred trials.

Witch-finding, or witch-pricking became a trade, and a set of mercenary vagabonds roamed about the country, provided with long pins to run into the flesh of supposed criminals. It was no unusual thing then, nor is it now, that in aged persons there should be some spot on the body totally devoid of feeling. It was the object of the witchpricker to discover this spot, and the unhappy wight who did not bleed when pricked upon it, was doomed to the death.

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  8. If not immediately cast into prison, her life was rendered miserable by the persecution of her neighbours. It is recorded of many poor women, that the annoyances they endured in this way were so excessive, that they preferred death. He was convinced that three-fourths of them were unjust and unfounded.

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    He says, in the work already quoted, that the persons who were in general accused of this crime, were poor ignorant men and women, who did not understand the nature of the accusation, and who mistook their own superstitious fears for witchcraft. This woman, who knew that three others were to be strangled and burned on an early day, sent for the minister of the parish, and confessed that she had sold her soul to Satan. I take it wholly upon myself. My blood be upon my own head.

    And, as I must make answer to the God of heaven presently, I declare I am as free of witchcraft as any child.

    Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)
    Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)
    Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)
    Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)
    Devils Own (Season of Witches Series, Book One)

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