Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)

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He can make a good watchdog.

Leo died of his injuries, but a statue was later erected in his honor—making him the first dog in Serbia to be honored with a monument. More recently, another Dachshund was credited with saving two young boys who were attacked by a black bear in Russia. The dog, named Tosya, lured the bear away from the boys and led it into the woods before running back home, unharmed. They have a goofy but lovable personality. Sometimes that silly, loyal personality can even steal the spotlight—their photobombing skills are unparalleled. They're energetic.

They still retain that boundless energy, which can be put to good use in earthdog competitions or field trials. Of course, your dog could always take a less traditional approach to exercise, like this Dachshund, who expelled his energy by running the bases of a minor league field. Coming from the hound group , they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, which lets them indulge their instinctual love for following scents.

One Dachsie, Crusoe, is such an adventure junkie like his namesake Robinson Crusoe that he scored a book deal detailing all his journeys. All the positive personality traits detailed above are great reasons to love the breed, but it would be a disservice to the Dachsie if we didn't mention their downright adorable appearance. Truly, with this breed, there's something for every taste—they come in more colors, sizes, and coat types than any other AKC-recognized breed. Compare Breeds Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side.

Preparing For Puppy. Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration. Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid. Additional Resources AKC.

Teenager poses 16 dachshunds for perfect photo - GOOD

Get Started in Dog Training. Start your Dachshund off early with your children so that each party can get used to the other. However, as stubborn as they can be, Dachshunds are probably one of the most loyal breeds out there. One thing that I came to understand over my years of living with a Dachshund in my family is that Dachshunds tend to think that they are bigger than they actually are.

If they need to, a Dachshund will stare down and warn you of a complete stranger if they sense any kind of danger. This is a very territorial breed and will bark at anything and everything that may pass by your apartment. This is what makes a Dachshund an excellent watchdog.

Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs

Dachshunds are actually a German breed and were once trained and used for hunting down Badgers. Because of this breeding, Dachshunds love to burrow, especially under your blankets. If you are looking for a breed of dog that loves to cuddle, then the Dachshund is perfect for you. Make sure to find a comfortable position, because your Dachshund will not be moving for the rest of the night. The Standard Dachshund is the larger of the two. This dog can grow to about 9 inches tall and can way up to 32 pounds.

1. Doxle (Dachshund x Beagle)

The Miniature Dachshund is probably the more apartment friendly of these two sizes. They can weigh anywhere from 11 pounds and under. When picking your Dachshund, you need to factor in what you have the time for. For example, Dachshunds have three separate coat types. All of which are not hypoallergenic and will shed a tiny bit, but may require different levels of maintenance.

Unless you take your Dachshund in to see a groomer, you should be checking your dog for sores and bumps or even some tenderness.

1. Dachshunds come in many colors!

If you find anything that seems concerning to you, take your dog in to see the vet to have it checked out. This could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your dachshund, and you should be taking them in to see the vet as soon as you can. Dachshunds are also well known for their long, droopy ears like several other hound breeds. This is a general Rule of Thumb for all dog owners everywhere. This should be done about once or twice a month. Dachshunds can be wimps when they want to be, so introducing them to nail clipping when they are young will make it easier on you.

The sooner, the better for everyone involved. This should be done about two or three times a week. Everyone knows the Dachshund, and there is a good reason for it too. However, with this shape can come some possible health problems if you are not careful. The fact is, if you keep placing food in front of them, a Dachshund will keep eating until they throw up.

Why do Dachshunds Love to Lick your Face?

If this overfeeding continues, it will not only contribute to back problems such as Intervertebral Disk Disease but will increase the risk of other health problems such as Canine Diabetes. Also be careful when letting your Dachshund jump on and off of furniture as it can really affect their back. Help your Dachshund by lifting them when you can — just be careful to support their back! For Dachshunds, it is recommended that you feed them one cup of kibble a day. With this food intake and the proper amount of exercise, your Dachshund should be happy and healthy all of its life.

Living in an apartment, it may seem that your Dachshund may need a lot of room to roam around and expend their energy. In general, this is correct. Dachshunds do need quite a bit of exercise, and keeping them in the apartment may drive make them go a bit stir crazy.

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However, if you have the time, taking your Dachshund for a walk twice a day should get rid of that extra energy that your dog may have. If you live alone, then let me fill you in on a not so secret secret. Most Dachshunds suffer from Separation Anxiety. This means that if you are constantly leaving the house for long periods of time during the day and leaving your Dachshund home alone for that time, then you may come back to a lot of destruction in your apartment.

But it really comes down to understanding what your dog needs to calm some of these behaviors. Because of their stubbornness, it would be a really good investment for you to put your Dachshund through some training courses to shake some of these habits. Trying to punish your Dachshund way after the fact will not do you any good. Your Dachshund will not understand your anger, nor will they care.

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  • Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs.

This is where training your Dachshund at an early age will save you-and more than likely your apartment. It should also be noted that while Dachshunds are the perfect size for an apartment, these dogs tend to do much better in pairs. So, if you have the money, and are really wanting a Dachshund, it might be worth it for you in the long run if you go ahead and buy two Dachshunds as a pair. With two Dachshunds, it would still be worth it to train. But, even so, if you have to leave home a lot, at least your dog will have another little buddy around to keep them company and not feel so alone.

As a whole, Dachshunds can make a great pet for apartment owners and families alike. It just takes some time and understanding for both parties.

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Try not to immediately dismiss this breed just because they take some work. But, if you do have the time and the ability to work with your Dachshund, take advantage of that time and you can have a very endearing and loving companion for years to come. Where can I find Training Courses for my Dachshund?

Try your local PetSmart or PetCo. Both of these pet stores offer obedience courses for both puppies and adult breeds. These courses can run from anywhere as long as 6 to 10 weeks depending on the intensity of the course. Most costs vary by location of the store, but tend to run fairly cheap.

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Is a Dachshund a good Family Dog?

Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)
Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever)

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