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Werewolf fiction

Uploaded by Jack Martin. Date uploaded Feb 15, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Since changing the tribe is extremely uncommon, the tribe chosen very much determines the characters future. In addition, most characters at least partly live up to the tribal archetypes. The Tribes are listed below. Several tribes have joined into greater alliances.

These alliances are mentioned after the tribal descriptions.

Werewolf the Apocalypse (englisch)

The existence of tribes in the game adds greatly to the potential of themes that can be added to a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game. The background and tribal descriptions, as they are presented in the various game supplementals, not only create the opportunity but in fact encourage the players and storytellers to deal in their games with more mature themes like racism, prejudices, religious fanaticism and such.

In fact, the different tribes were created in such matter, that some of them hold grudges against each other, while others are mistrusted or looked down on. But, since the game setting rules, that there are only a few Garou left, the Garou from different tribes must still work together. So, if the some players choose their characters to be from different tribes, this adds to character depth, since their cultural differences will inevitably emerge during the game. Some of the tribal dislikes and prejudices as given in the game setting:. All tribes are in brief detailed in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse core rulebook, with additional material available in books on each specific tribes.

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The Black Furies represent the game's version of an amazon-like society as they are a tribe of avenging and warrior-like usually female werewolves. In modern days Furies appear all over the world. Their tribal totem is Pegasus.

While childbirth is considered a sacred act among the tribe, only females and male Metis descendants of Furies are accepted. Fertile sons and most Metis are sent off to be adopted by other tribes usually the Children of Gaia. Furies are strongly connected to the Wyld and shun the Wyrm and the Weaver's work, including pharmaceutical care and test-tube babies, or, in other words, creations of Man that mess with Mother Nature. In their defense of Gaia, most Furies seek out violators of the land and females, in general. Contrary to stereotypes, very few Furies are adamant man-haters. The tribe is a fierce rival of the Get of Fenris, whom they view as nothing but a bunch of male chauvinists.

The older 1st Edition tribe book stated that the Furies originally held much power among early matriarchal human societies. When patriarchal societies emerged in the middle eastern region, their influence was reduced and they were driven back to Greece , what today is considered their land of origin. Furies regard patriarchal societies as being influenced by the Wyrm or Weaver to strip human leadership from female intuition.

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The Black Spiral Dancers are a tribe of werewolves that have become corrupted by the Wyrm. They provide some of the antagonists in the game. Some of the Howlers were corrupted to serve the Wyrm by dancing the Black Spiral. They then forced the other Howlers to join, or killed them. Later the term is used for all Garou who join the forces of the Wyrm. To do so, the Garou still has to perform a rite that mimics the original event to some degree.

This is described as 'dancing the spiral'. Within the Black Spiral Dancers, fallen Silver Fang Garou still bear their noble heritage and feel that they are still the born leaders. They call themselves Silver Spirals. The Black Spiral Dancers don't honor the same virtues of the other Garou, they follow a darker set of rules and their renown is based on other character traits than that of the Garou Nation.

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Their origins are uncertain, perhaps they descend from a "scavenger sept" of the prehistoric North Africa or perhaps they have been a collection of the desperate throughout the history of the Garou Nation. Bone Gnawers are often despised as honorless cowards; while this is true of some of the tribe some of the time, Bone Gnawers in general are devoted to the protection of the weak the homeless, the mad, the exploited from the corruption of the Wyrm, fighting in the core of the city with all the vicious strength of a cornered rat.

The Bunyip werewolves were knowledged in the traversing of the Umbra, and traveled through the Umbra to become the only tribe of Garou to originally inhabit Australia. Their isolation also led to their severing of ties with the rest of the Garou Nation and alliances with the various Changing Breeds that inhabited Australia.

Novice Defender

They even made the Rainbow Serpent their tribal totem, along with other Australian fauna kookaburra, Bunyip, kangaroo, brush-tail possum, magpie, wedge-tailed eagle, echidna, and lyrebird. When Europeans colonized Australia, the various European Garou tribes killed off the Bunyip, having been fooled into mistaking them for one of the Changing Breeds. The Garou realized their mistake, but the spirits of the slain Bunyip have not lost their anger. As described above the game setting sictetes, that there are dislikes and even grudges, some centuries old, among the tribes. So, in the game, the Children of Gaia represent a smoothing factor as their primal interest is joining together all of Gaia's creation to save the world and to accomplish that they need to unite all of the tribes as one.

Of course the other Garou do not share this interest, some regarding friction with other tribes as their tribal tradition. One of their practices is to teach humans better behavior to shield them against the Wyrm's corruption. Their reputation as being 'soft' is a result of this.

The image of the tribe is the one thing that hinders the tribe the most. But besides their reputation, the Children are just as potent fighters as all the other Garou. Their access to a unique self-healing power especially makes them dangerous opponents. While they fight hard battles against the Wyrm's minions they also use subtle ways of combat, shielding body, mind and soul to wyrmish energies. In addition, most Children of Gaia don't see fighting duels as a suitable way to solve disputes with other Garou, so their hesitation might be perceived as cowardly, if a Child of Gaia is challenged to a duel.

All this leads to the other tribes' mixed feelings towards the Children of Gaia. Their achievements as mediators are overshadowed by their willingness to include the cast-offs from other tribes into their ranks.

They indeed are the only tribe to actively seek out Metis and reformed Black Spiral Dancers to join them. The Children of Gaia's totem is the unicorn , which represents innocence and purity, but also stands for healing, unity and chivalry. They were the most balanced of the Three Brother Tribes in the Americas. When the European Garou came to the Pure Lands, they were the ones that welcomed them with open arms.

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Because of that, they lost most of their Caerns to them. When the Eater-of-Souls came forth, they were the ones that fought it the hardest.

Werewolves, Vampires, and more! The Creatures of Changes A Werewolf's

They sacrificed themselves to Eater-of-Souls, to save the world from him, one after another leaping in its great maw. Their sacrifice however, was only a respite, as the Eater-of-Souls is becoming powerful again in the modern world. That is the key reason why the Wendigo are bitter towards the Uktena, for they believe that the Uktena did nothing to stop the Croatan's sacrifice. But Wendigo still prefer the Uktena over any other tribe of Garou.

The game authors designed the Fianna as a passionate tribe of Garou, descended from Celtic cultures. Widely known for their storytellers, bards, musicians, poets and other artistic types, the Fianna are a tribe whose love for parties, music and company is coupled with a strong sense of honor, potent ferocity, and strength in combat. The Fianna claim that the first Galliard was a Fianna and they're known for their ties to the fairy-folk see Changeling: The Dreaming.

Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1) Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)
Change (Werewolves/Defenders of the Human Race Book 1)

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