Buddhism through American Womens Eyes

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This book is so engaging so readable and so genuinely helpful I read it in one sitting. These are wonderful voices brimming with life experience and practical, on-the-ground advice. A treasure trove of advice for all practitioners. The writers lucidly express themselves on the Dharma and how it applies to their daily lives.

The challenges and the solutions are many and varied. Buddhism emerges as a practical way for women to deal with their complex lives.

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It is a book of conversations for and about women. It arises from the grassroots movement which is working to make women better able to fully participate in Buddhist spiritual practice. Issues like the mixed signals sent to women about practicing Buddhism, the relationship of the spiritual practice to everyday life, and the lack of access to female interpretations of the teachings are explored by women who are struggling with those issues on a daily basis.

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In addition to presenting the female voice within Buddhism, this book effectively illustrates Buddhist philosophy so that readers may fully comprehend the practical aspects of difficult concepts. As she opened a book on Buddhist teachings, the teacher told the class that holding grudges is harmful.

And yet, being harmed by someone also hurts. Americans everywhere seem to be asking themselves variations on this very question: What do we do with our minds? The something dad in Los Angeles was plateauing. He had achieved most of his career goals, rising to the position of senior manager at a large company. But the competitive nature of the work had taken its toll on his marriage, and he was in the process of getting a divorce.

He rarely saw his grown children.

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He felt like he was mostly being taught to justify destructive emotions and behaviors. Both authors work in Buddhist themes and ideas, and earlier this year they introduced him to the practice of meditation. Hungry for more, the dad recently attended a Buddhist meditation class in Hollywood, where he learned ways to deepen his own meditation practice and to change his approach to relationships.

Now he feels more open and is willing to be more vulnerable around his family and friends.

All About Buddhism: To be or not to be? Buddhist nuns in Thailand

Though precise numbers on its popularity are hard to come by, Buddhism does seem to be emerging in the Western, type-A universe. Buddhist meditation centers have recently popped up in places such as Knoxville, Tennessee, and Lakewood, Ohio. There are now dozens of Buddhist podcasts, among many more apps and playlists geared specifically toward personal, non-Buddhist meditation. Four in 10 American adults now say they meditate at least weekly. Academic research on mindfulness meditation has also exploded, making what in the West was once an esoteric practice for hippies more akin to a life hack for all.

Alan Watts: Buddhism and Science (1960) [full length]

The ancient religion, some find, helps them manage the slings and arrows and subtweets of modern life. Many people are stress ed out by the constant drama of the current administration, and work hours have overwhelmed the day.

Why So Many Americans Are Turning to Buddhism

The Buddha's path to human transformation declares women and men equally capable of spiritual realization, yet throughout history most exemplars of this tradition have been men. Now, as Buddhism is transmitted to the West, women are playing a major role in its adaptation and development. The conversation presented here takes place among experienced practitioners from many Buddhist traditions who share their thoughts on the Buddhist outlook, its practical application in everyday life, and the challenges of practicing Buddhism in the Western world.

Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes
Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes
Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes
Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes
Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes
Buddhism through American Womens Eyes Buddhism through American Womens Eyes

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