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Anarchism for a Post-modern Age

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I've been infatuated with Marvel history lately so that alone will get me interested. I'll probably go with an illusion based character or one who has Kinetic energy manipulation. Also I didn't see any rules on character limits. I'm assuming it's fine to have multiple characters?

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If money is where you find happiness you'll always be poor Often its not the driver but the passengers that find the right path. Newne Carriebean7 wrote : "Don't let me in the same room as that jackass.

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He's unbearable to work with. I might try and make an Anarchist character if I can figure out some kind of thematically appropriate power. Disclaimer: Nothing said here is the product of a rational mind. And, of course, for anything at all, you can always go here.

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Gender: Female. Sexual preference: Heteroflexible. Appearance: Cassidy has unkempt, shoulder-length hair that is similar in color to that of sand you'd find on the beach, perhaps a bit duller, or maybe not, grey eyes with much darker grey circles underneath them due to a lack of proper sleep and light skin that is neither translucent nor 'warm'. She is 5'8 and has a weight a bit below average for somebody her size and age.

That being said, she fiddles and twitches quite often as a result of her ADHD and neuroticism. When not in uniform, she unconfidently walks with her head down, but tries to be more alert when on the job.

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Power: Cassidy can create illusions. She has hallucinations, but her powers have enabled her to control them and differentiate between reality and, well, her own head…at least for the most part. Every once and a while a small thing or two still messes her up. Anyways, a form of bioelectricity runs throughout her veins. Allegiance: I'd like some more information on the two factions before deciding, if you don't mind.

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Bio: wip. If not, then describe. Last edited by Asardia on Thu Feb 21, pm, edited 5 times in total. The bio may not be the best so please tell me what I should change. Details Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs lays out a new understanding of political anarchy, one that aims to replace the mass movement with a scrappy multitude of mutineers, mad scientists, sprawling shanties, and thieves in the night. The first edition went out of print in when the US government stole every remaining copy and all the digital backups with a sealed warrant.

Authorship of the book was used in the government's statements to the media as to why the mysterious raid was performed. But look, now it's back! Down with the Law Mitchell Abidor.

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Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy Age of Anarchy
Age of Anarchy

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